Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snow, glorious snow

And I do mean glorious, it was just sparkling under the blue sky. This was Girdwood’s second snow and first substantial snow as seen in these luscious photos. It was wonderful to walk around in semi-fluffy thick snow and know that its the foundation of what is to come. 

Unfortunately we are forecasted for several clear days now. I know that will put a layer of frost on this snow and that will affect the avalanche concerns. 

If you happen to drive down (or up) today, it should be a spectacular drive with the snow and water sparkling. I drove into Anchorage and it was absolutely gorgeous. The colors in the sky at sunset are mesmerizing. I am taking the UAF-CES Master Gardener course this fall which requires driving to town twice a week. Thus far, I have been so lucky to have clear weather which creates super saturated warm sunsets. 

Enjoy the snow, these speak for themselves.