Saturday, April 13, 2013

High pressure clears skies and keeps the snow around

The April snow storm that thoroughly covered Glacier Valley and Western Prince William Sound has left some perfect snow for all types of outdoor activities. The helicopters were non-stop Thursday, Friday and I expect today too, ferrying skiers to pristine mountain tops in the southern Chugach Range. Groomed trails are perfect at Alyeska for skiing and riding. 

Moose Meadows was soft and pillowy, very nice for off trail classic skiing. Come layered, it is 10° at the T in Girdwood this Saturday morning. With the sun out all day, we expect it to warm up, maybe to 30!

There was a huge solar flare on April 11 which made it to our atmosphere Friday. There are great forecasts for auroras tonight 4/13 and Sunday 4/14. Check the Geophysical Institute's web site for the summary. A link is on this page. Get a good workout today, have a big dinner, nap and then head outside after midnight for an evening show! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Late winter storm a bonus for skiers and riders

April continues to fool the senses. April 7th, winter weather advisory? Spring planting time (though inside in our community, its confounding)? Migrating birds, any uncovered wetlands in south central? I have seen gulls at Potter’s Marsh, sitting determinedly on the snow covered grass. It will melt, eventually. At least Turnagain Arm has extremely low ice coverage this year. Our winged friends can hunt for bi-valves in the mudflats. 

I am sure skiing and riding has been at premium conditions since this winter storm began on Saturday. A few rounds of howitzer let Girdwood know the snow safety team is making sure the conditions are optimal for the last few weeks of human powered snow fun at Alyeska Resort. If you can ditch work this week, I highly recommend the effort!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fresh snow a nice treat in early April

In case you were wondering, yes, its is a great week to come to Girdwood to ski. The snow is soft, new and fresh. An April storm blessed us with a gentle storm. After last weeks beautiful, blasting sun, the snow curface had become quite crusty and hard. Glacier Valley has probably had about 6 inches of fresh stuff making a nice surface for skiing. 

The week has been full of weather phenomena. Sun, rivers through melting ice, sun dogs, gulls at Potter's Marsh, and the snow geese are now in Fairbanks! 

The weather forecast calls for more snow over the next three days. Get out and enjoy the spring fluff, the mountain closes to skiing on April 28!