Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fabulous snow day

It has been snowing all night in Girdwood. I estimate (without having been outside  yet) 3-4 inches of fresh powder, the resort reports 5". The temperature is 30° at the T, frighteningly close to that point I dare not mention. The forecast is close to that point as well. NOAA predicts the snow turning to rain at the coast. It also predicts the temperature to stay just below freezing for Girdwood. Snow should continue tonight. Above is the Daylodge base at 9am, silky soft!

Please drive safe on the Seward if you are coming to ski in the fresh stuff, it will snow all day so there is no need to rush to be first on the mountain. Check Alaska 511 for road conditions and check the weather cams at CNFAIC.

For the skiers out there, look at this snow! Walking in un-plowed snow, it was about 9” deep at 9am. It is absolutely soft and beautiful. Here are some lovely photos, however, I don’t look forward to driving!

Update at 2pm, I just drove into  Anchorage it is snowing heavy in Girdwood but lightens along the way. Little rain near bird. The temperature warmed up to 37° at Potter's marsh then dropped back down to 27 in the city.

The temperature in Girdwood at 7p was 32°, the forecast was for rain along the coast which it did just a little on the Seward Highway. Thankfully, it stayed freezing and below in Girdwood. This evening at 9 pm it is 30° and it is still snowing. 

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