Monday, December 31, 2012

Rainy New Year Eve in Glacier City

Happy New Year’s eve to all! The snow continues to melt and you can see a little rain and fog in the photo. The temperature held again around 40° all day in Girdwood. The resort delayed opening after some avalanche control work and a lot of gravel spreading. Unfortunately the ice is so treacherous one of our good friends slipped and broke an ankle. Wear your ice cleats or walk in the remaining snow! So sad...

There was a little break in the rain this afternoon, however the rain returned to Glacier Valley this evening. The snow has melted so much we can see the earth in several locations. Its so disappointing! Looking forward to the fireworks this evening, expecting it to brighten the sky. There is a wind warning tonight, lets hope the fireworks go on as planned. 

With the warm air melting the snow, us gardeners are worried about the ground being exposed and cold air returning. If it does not snow before the cold returns, there could be damage to tree roots. Even Glacier Creek has water flowing over the snow, strange looking, will work on that tomorrow.  Be sure to check Alaska 511 if you are planning on driving around the Arm tomorrow. 

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