Friday, January 25, 2013

Bright full moon lights up Glacier Valley

Feels like we are done with spring-fall and now into winter for a few days in Girdwood. It snowed about 2 inches this morning as the wind blew and temperature fell. It was 23 most of the day, dropping to 18° by nightfall. I expect with the sky so clear we could see this beautiful full moon tonight, the temperatures will drop even lower. I am sure you get the imagery, the moon is atop the ski runs at Alyeska so it looks like the mountain is a christmas tree!

It was so windy this morning as the temperature was falling, the icicles that were freezing up are all sideways. Its hilarious! The part that is not so hilarious, the ground that became exposed this week with all the snow melt only received two inches of new snow as a blanket. Not nearly enough to protect delicate roots if you have new trees. This deep cold is forecasted to last through Wednesday when we should receive some more snow.

As for now, be careful walking around in Glacier Valley. Just under the thin layer of snow is ice, not only smooth in parking lots, but uneven in walkways and off to the sides of driveways. Don't twist an ankle! Its like walking on rocks.

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