Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring temperatures bring rain to the base in Girdwood

The blue bird spring days of this week have faded into grey rainy days here in Girdwood. The temperature this morning at the T is 34° with rain. Snow if falling at the top of chair 6, some consolation for those top of the mountain riders who have been experience tracked out snow. It appears Glacier Valley and western Prince William Sound will continue to leap into spring with rain and snow mixing for the next couple of days. Backcountry excursions may be a nice side trip this weekend. 

This weekend, March 8 and 9 is the Alaska Botanical Garden Spring Conference. The opening meeting and dinner is Friday night at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel. Gary Paul Nabhan will be speaking, his topic "Traditional Foods at Risk in Salmon Nations: Threatened Wild and Cultivated Plants." I am sure he will probably have his book by the same name available for sale. Mr. Nabhan is a world-reknown author and food activist. His teachings should be welcomed as appropriate to a region such as Alaska that is poised for potential over harvest. Alaska and has also experienced and could experience future environmental catastrophes. However, by learning from other regions' experiences and understanding the interconnections of environmental processes, we can plan wisely for our future food sustainability in Alaska. I look forward to learning from Mr. Nabhan's experience. 

Sunday March 10 is spring forward day, remember to adjust your clocks before heading to sleep Saturday. 

If you are venturing to Girdwood today or tomorrow, wear your rain slicker!

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