Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fog only has one benefit

Fog makes the difference in a temperature of 12° as opposed to 7°.  Girdwood is totally socked in this morning. I live literally one block from Max’s Mountain and it is in no way visible (below view). The above view is looking down Alyeska Highway from the T toward town.

It is still 12° outside, and with the fog my little weather station thinks its going to snow. Poor thing can’t see the web cam from the top of Mt. Alyeska shows clear sunny skies with a heavy wool blanket laying on the valley of Girdwood. Looking toward town, still no view.

The fog is icy this morning, like little stinging nettles on your face. The frost still building on the branches like spay on flocking. Last night I looked for the aurora, did it show up in Anchorage? Looks like it is overhead right now. 

Still haven’t seen my magpies this morning, however there are three ravens fighting over some french fries outside. Hmm, wonder where they got those. 

I am enjoying a hot bowl of cream of barley cereal. A couple of weeks ago at the Farmer’s Market in the Mall at Sears, I picked up a bag. It is grown in Alaska at Delta Junction by the Alaska Flour Company. Yea for determined farmers! Barley is so amazingly delicious, full of fiber and iron, and filling. Add some molasses, or local honey or birch syrup for extra goodness. I add pecans or walnuts depending on my taste that day. If you like add any type of cream: heavy, milk, soy, it all adds to the goodness of a well rounded breakfast. The Alaska flour company is attempting to add wheat to the harvest once they get the timing right with the weather. Don’t see why it couldn’t be done if Montana can do it. Some of the great benefits of producing grains in Alaska are the lack of predatory insects, and the reduced need to ship grains up here. I am all for that are you? If so, please head out to the Wednesday market and pick up your bag of barley flour or cream of barley cereal, its hearty and delicious.

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