Friday, November 30, 2012

Frost continues to build

Twelve days of frost have created a crunchy layer of ice crystals to walk on. This month the crystals are not as large as the crystal plates we saw in Girdwood in October. I will be investigating that more later. Above is our familiar view of blue sky, mountain tops, and frosted trees. 

The frost continues to build on the branches. Its 7° outside!

We drove into Anchorage today and were still able to observe the effects of the fog on the flora. The fog itself has vanished as seen in the clear images of Penguin Ridge. It did, however, leave its mark behind as an icy coating on the trees. Though the temperature differential has dropped between sea level and the mountain top, we can see that it is still warmer up there. 

Still no snow in the forecast. We continue to be under the spell of the high pressure. There are two lows to the east and southeast in range of the panhandle, however, they do not have much moisture associated with them. 

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