Monday, December 17, 2012

Clear blue skies greeting us today

This morning the temperature is 1° at the T in Gridwood. There is a nice new layer of frost on all things exposed, building surfaces, signs, the road and the snow surface. Crunch crunch crunch, like eating cereal my husband said. The sky is that beautiful morning blue, the contrast with the snow covered mountains unbeatable. For beautiful sunrise images, check the weather cams at the tops of the mountains...

Does everyone know how to recognize frostbite? If you are not using hand and foot warmers on days like this for your excursions, you should be aware of the signs. Here is a link to the National Institute of Health first aid page for frost bite. If you experience sharp pain like pins and needles in hands or feet or face followed by numbness, take note, that could be the first sign of danger. Always stay in tune to your body when in cold conditions like these we are experiencing (high pressure systems that do not allow cloud cover to blanket the earth and help keep in warmth). This month there is an EMT 2 class happening at Girdwood Fire and Rescue. If you do happen to get into trouble, don’t hesitate to call 911. There are plenty of knowledgeable crew ready to help you recover!

A fun experience this kind of high pressure, deep cold, does allow is ice skating and snow machining on rivers. Here is a link to wikiHow which can guide you on finding safe ice. Take note, however, the North America Outdoor Institute advises us there is no safe ice, so follow all the advice you can for having an experience from which you return. For those visiting Girdwood soon, the pond at the Hotel Alyeska is open this winter for skating, bring your ice skates! 

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