Sunday, December 16, 2012

Expecting frost tonight, crisp snow surface

Cold, clean air filled Glacier Valley today. 5° at 9 am dropped to 1 by 11am and maybe back up to 5 by 3pm, if we were lucky. The air is back to that cold that freezes your nostrils when you go out for a walk. Turtle Furs are in order. 

The surface of the snow is crisp again as well. Forecast is predicting snow Tuesday, lets hope so. There are probably a lot of you hoping to go backcountry skiing on the up coming holiday break. Remember to check the Avalanche Information Center when planning your trip. There is always up-to-date data on snow stability. 

Here is a nice photo of alpenglow on the Headwall behind the daylodge. Further below is a glowing sunset. Is this enough “red sky at night” for “sailor’s delight” tomorrow? I think so. 

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