Monday, December 3, 2012

Hark, clouds!

What a beautiful day to document! There was a hint of a slight chance of a possibility of snow in the air! Clouds thinly floating overhead obscured my–what has become normal–blue sky over the Glacier Valley. Yesterday the weather forecast predicted a chance of snow this coming Thursday, but as of this morning, that chance was removed. Below the light clouds are also seen over the heavily man-made snow at the base of the ski area behind the Daylodge.

Too bad I was not able to really sit still for many of these photos, well I did kind of. My husband needed to make a run into Anchorage and I was able to leave work early to go with him. I was the passenger so I had the opportunity to snap some pics along the Seward. Here is Penguin Ridge three days after I posted the picture of Penguin when the temperature at the top of the ridge was warmer than below. As a result of that condition the fog had created a grey frost layer at the base. The photo directly below shows frost is now coating the entire mountain. Below this single photo is a side-by-side of the two days, December 3 on the left and November 30 on the right. There has been three days without fog indicating the temperatures are moderating all the way up. In fact it has not been above 10° in Glacier valley for four days. 

Dec 3 Nov 30

The low fog/inversion was not just an event on our side of the arm, it covered the entire arm. Here we see across the Turnagain Arm to the Hope side and the layer of frost at the base. 

After a rather quick trip all around the south side of town, we returned to Girdwood in time for sunset. Here is a view down Glacier Creek from the bridge. What a difference a few clouds can make. We haven’t been totally without color in the evenings, the alpenglow has been just as lovely. 

Here we see across downtown over the new town square park with its one lonely tree left by the bizarre park plan. 

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