Monday, February 18, 2013

Cold and fresh snow on the ground!

The snow from yesterday continued on through most of the night in Girdwood. The flakes became a little smaller but from my perspective they piled up another 4 inches last night. This morning the temperature at the T in Girdwood has dropped to 19°, unusual considering it is overcast. The forecast is for more snow today. If you are heading out to ski anywhere south of Anchorage today, be sure to check Alaska 511, I am betting the DOT will be looking for and possibly mitigating avalanches. There was a beautiful whisp of a cloud over Alyeska this morning at sunrise seen above. Below are all the revelers and racers enjoying the excellent conditions at Alyeska Resort.

Clouds cleared out today mid-day giving this lovely scene. Perfect day for the Alyeska Cup races. There is a coming blizzard as we have been warned by NOAA. The warning extends Monday night  through Tuesday for western Prince William Sound. Below are the clouds forming again over the Turnagain Arm looking toward Mt. Alpenglow. Moisture returning to south central, look forward to some great snow Tuesday. The second photo below gives a better view of the nice fresh coat of snow on the Kenai Mountains around Hope. Pretty.

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