Monday, February 25, 2013

Common Redpoll enjoying alder seeds

What started as a day with a little blue sky, turned into wet snow day. Weather does not matter to wildlife, and the little flock of redpolls were in my yard again today. I have never professed to be a good bird photographer. Except in cases of shore birds that are large and not fast moving. This is a skill I will continually work on. 

The redpolls are so sweet, they usually travel in pairs within the flock. The groups I have seen work in male - female pairs one watching out for the other. Here they are feasting on alder seeds. This displays the importance of leaving seeds on plants throughout the year as different animals use the food source at different times of the year. 

I have seen these common redpolls picking up bits of gravel on the road in front of the Girdwood airport. This is the second time I have attempted to photograph them picking out the seeds from the alder cones. 

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