Sunday, February 24, 2013

Girdwood, snowiest place in the country!

Snow continues to fall lightly and perfectly making the ski experience in Girdwood phenomenal this week. The temperature today has ranged from 30 to 35° and snow was falling off and on. Despite the above freezing temperature, the snow has not been wet. Above is a photo of two Mini Mite children’s ski groups on the 4-trax heading over to chair 3. Does that look like fun or what?! The children that participate in Mini Mites love it, the children just adore their instructors! 16 Sundays of all day skiing for $400, that is $25 per day, come on parents, its an awesome deal! Sign up for the next season in November. 

At points in the day the clouds thinned out and made a gauzy haze over the sun. Not quite bright enough to light up the snow so skiing was probably a little flat. That did not deter the fit skiers that hiked the Traverse for the tall ski down Alyeska. 

NOAA’s forecast for Glacier Valley and Turnagain Arm is for more snow throughout the week. It does not look very heavy but steady, that is good enough for us!

Due to the back and forth temperatures over the past few weeks, houses are growing vast crops of icicles. This view is out one of my windows and the frame is 36 inches tall! Our houses really endure some tough wear over the winter in Girdwood. Last winter, even some metal roofs fell victim to the weight of the snow becoming compressed into ice. The ice being denser weighed more on the roof and as it migrated, much like a glacier, the ice tended to crumple joints in the metal. Only the lowest angle roofs this winter may suffer in Glacier Valley. Roofs with any angle steeper than 25 to 30° have routinely sloughed snow in the cycles of high temperature. 

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