Monday, February 4, 2013

Rain mixed with little snow today, cold air in tonight

Ditto from yesterday, grey, slippery walkways and driveways, and a little rain. There was a glimmer of hope this afternoon around 1 pm, skiers reported the skies attempted to snow. For a brief moment, the rain relented. Shortly thereafter, all precipitation stopped. The skies, however, remained cloudy. There were dark looming clouds over Max’s and to the south, clouds that looked like promising snow. There is a forecast for some tonight, especially further south toward Turnagain Pass. 

The photos I have posted today are of Glacier Creek. I find it challenging to take good images with depth and color due to the constant grey skies. I have tried some special effects today. These photos have been altered with film-grain filters, lightened the contrast and tried to make them more enjoyable to view. 

Today I want to present a lesson for those of you who come to Girdwood to ski or ride and think your friend is going to teach you how. Please take a real lesson from an accredited instructor at Alyeska’s Mountain Learning Center. Today was Military Monday which is an appreciation day for military families at the Resort. Many of the service men and women that come to the slopes have never skied or ridden a snowboard and think just because they are in the service they can go to the top of the mountain and make their way down. Today there were over 15 calls to ski patrol for injuries and assistance down the mountain. Broken clavicals, back injuries, head trauma, assistance down, twisted knees and more. Don’t let the medic unit be your ride back into town. Wether you are in the service or not, learn to ski and ride properly before you head for the high ground. 

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