Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super powder day in Girdwood for skiers and riders

Snow allows a pleasant silence. All the places I have lived in here in Girdwood have been right off the Alyeska Highway. The road noise can be loud at times, so when it snows, the quiet is quite enjoyable. Although the quiet of the snow is calming, the quiet belies its potential danger. Drivers not accustomed to the slippery conditions could encounter trouble such as those that ran off the road in Anchorage on Wednesday. This week’s snow is not the first of the season which we all are wary of, so it was surprising to see drivers not acting more safely and having accidents. 

Rain and snow can both be hazardous when falling as heavy as this snow is today (I imagine from weather cams on the Seward Highway there could be white out conditions). Yet the sound of rain makes the conditions more nerve-wracking. The snow is virtually quiet, at least from watching it through a window. However, if you want to go skiing, that is a different story, the snow speckling on your goggles and ski jacket. 

I do encourage any avid skiers and riders to head to Alyeska today, its another powder day here in Glacier Valley. At the T we have received at least 5 new inches of snow this morning and it is still coming down. Check Alaska 511 before making a long drive, the highways will be snowy too.

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