Friday, November 16, 2012

Clouds to the right of me Sun to the Left of me

Feels like the snow event for this week is over. The cloud ceiling is high–well was at 9 am but– at 11 I see it settling down on Penguin. I would be glad to have fog stick around as just a while ago there was a slight breeze. 

The wind is knocking clumps of snow off the trees. Not light flakes, but wet stuck together blobs. 

Howitzer training is going on at the resort today. I hope they shake loose some snow that is sitting on that huge hoar frost layer. Everyone is hoping for the November 21 opening date!

Leaving Girdwood at 12:30, sun was visible at the Tesoro. Forecasts show clear tonight and Saturday. I expect to investigate the frost again soon. 

Returning to Girdwood at 9pm tonight, the Seward highway was nice and clear. However, it sure would be nice if the DOT put some more reflectors along the road, especially at curves. I know its a scenic highway, so that will be a challenge. I also know there are some creative people in the world and someone could devise a reflector that does not impede on the daytime scenic view....maybe that will be me.

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