Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Damp Air

Ragged top is visible today, this morning anyway. It can just be seen in this 8:30 am photo. The fog has lifted leaving small crystals tightly knit to the surface snow. On checking the weather cams, there are high clouds today and indeed the forecast is for snow tonight and 100% chance of snow tomorrow. Max’s is seen below, sun blowing out the white in the cloud over the mountains. 

Last night there was a good aurora forecast, I wonder if anyone saw it in south central?

I walked up to the Daylodge just after 1pm. The moisture in the air was overwhelming, the dampness chilling my insides as quick as the out. It is interesting that the moisture particles can be so spread apart and remain suspended, it really is so damp there should be droplets forming. Its 30° and relative humidity is 95%.

The surface snow is crispy from the morning’s frost. The snow in the roadway intersections is brown and slushy. Walking is precarious without fresh layers of snow, small steps or cleats are advised. Walking on the trail is easier, there is always an edge to grip your feet in the snow. 

The Resort still has the snow cannons off, it concerns me for about 2 seconds before I decide not to care, its not my business. This view up Glacier Creek toward Raven Glacier shows what I think is a lack of nice snow, but it is only November. 

Thursday the 15th at 7pm there is a presentation at the Glacier Ranger Station in Girdwood: Mountain Weather and Snowpack. Anyone planning on skiing back country is advised to attend.

The temperature holds at 31° into the night.

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