Monday, November 12, 2012

Upward past the Fog

We woke this morning to clear skies, really, I swear! Its always nice to see the clear sky because I know when it is foggy, it just foggy over us! I know this as a fact after days of viewing the top of Alyeska weather cam, its sunny above about 500 feet. That reality gets really frustrating, often. Wish I had a picture of the sun, anyway, here’s the fog first toward “downtown”, second is lack of view of Max’s. Look carefully at the first photo, you can see the blue hiding behind the cloud.

Also at 8:30 am it was 32° I know it did not freeze last night because my husband and I could hear water dripping from one roof to the eave over our door. One slow drip at a time. Yet by time I snapped the fog, the temperature had dropped to 29° as evidenced by the ice on the tree twigs now as opposed to clear water. That phenomenon is not unusual, commonly the coldest part of the day is just before sunrise almost everywhere, especially valleys. With the fog over us now, I expect the temperature to remain steady. 

A walk down to the Grind and the Merch is an exercise not only literally but in frustration. At 3pm I snapped this photo of the mountains trying to work with the sun to bust out of the fog. 

The snow is quite crunchy on top from the brief freeze this morning. For those driving in, the road is really clear since the DOT scraped several times yesterday. If you are keeping up with the ski slope status, the snow makers have been off for the past couple of days. I guess since it was sleeting Friday and just above freezing on Saturday. I will not attempt to cover the resort’s status as you can check it on their website. Additionally, don’t forget the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information website. Scroll down to the terrain map and hover your mouse over the red arrows. There are some fabulous weather cams around the area. 

Signing off at 5pm, temperature foggy and 31°

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