Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Heavy, white, blizzard Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Were ever you are, I hope this little glimpse of relentless snow makes you feel the spirit of the season. It has been snowing heavily since yesterday. At one point last night, about 10p, the temperature had warmed up to 36° at the turn off to Girdwood on the Seward. As a result, the snow was very slushy and wet. It was so wet it was very heavy to shovel off the driveway. At that time the temperature was 36° at the T.

Today, however, the temperature is cooler, down to 33°, we’d like to to drop a few more just to be sure the snow doesn’t melt for the skiers! It has been windier here in Glacier Valley for Christmas day. The Resort had to delay opening due to avalanche mitigation and did not run the new Ted’s Express due to high winds. Below is a view toward the ski mountain, you can just barely see the lights on the mountain the snow is so thick. With the lower temperature, I can see the snow is not as wet as yesterday. The flakes are not falling as hard indicating they are not as heavy. We like that best! 

All of you adventurous skiers, please be aware there is an avalanche warning issued by NOAA and the CNFAIC. See the Special Weather Statement link. I know all this fresh stuff is tempting, but remember, its wet and it has fallen on several layers of frost which make for weak layers. The snow needs to build up heavy enough to smash those frost crystals. Or, let the avalanches occur naturally before you venture out! 

I hope every one is home safe to celebrate the day, warm and cozy, sharing quiet time with friends or family. For those of us not home, lets think warm thoughts and hope everyone sent overseas at their government’s request returns home soon. 

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