Monday, December 24, 2012

We don't have to dream, its a white Christmas

Snow is falling in Girdwood, since late last night. But not a whole lot yet, check Alyeska Resort's snow report for latest measurements. As of 8 am it was only 4 inches new stuff at the top. The wind is blowing too, so be prepared for a windy drive. The good news is the temperature is up, I am recording 30° at the T and the big branches of spruce are swaying in the wind.

Don't forget to check Alaska 511 for driving conditions and CNFAIC for the radar. I look forward to some nice new snow photos.

Santa will definitely need Rudolph tonight! Girdwood, Prince William Sound, and the Kenai are in the midst of a heavy snow storm. Girdwood is experiencing moderate winds. Not high enough to close the Tram at Alyeska Resort, but they are on watch. 

I knew it was snowing by early early morning. How do you know without being outside? When there is no road noise. This is due as we know to the snow absorbing the pressure of the tires and insulating them from the road. Its so quiet when it snows....until...the wind. When thumps are heard on the roof, and not on Christmas Eve, that indicates the wind is blowing snow off the tree branches. Without the wind, the snow is so quiet. 

Along with the heavy snow, the clouds and frontal pattern have raised the temperature. It is up to 30° today, it has risen nearly the whole 30 in 24 hours. The snow is rather wet and sticky. Snowmen and snowballs can be made today, a rarity for us. Usually the snow is powdery dry in Glacier Valley. 

Santas skied for free at Alyeska Resort today. There were quite a few, even a couple of elves and a few Mrs. Clauses. Here is a group preparing to ski.

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