Thursday, December 27, 2012

Warm temperatures create icy roads and melt snow

Yesterday the snow was still on the trees through the morning even though the temperature was warming to 33°. By 3 pm, the temperature was up to 34 and it was raining. The ground surfaces, roads, driveways, sidewalks, were all ice. Nothing but ice. It was very difficult to drive or walk without cleats. 

December 27 look at the difference:

December 26

By 6 pm, the temperature was 36° and I heard skiing was very wet.

Today, Thursday, we woke to the day at 36° and all the snow is off the trees. All the icicles have melted off eaves, and most roofs have shed their snow load. Currently there is a mix of rain and snow, the snow being very wet. The local road crew has switched to the road grader to break up the ice on Alyeska Highway. Yesterday and this morning numerous rounds of ordinance fire where heard from the Resort in attempts to set off avalanches before opening. Yesterday I was informed by an aid room attendant that numerous avalanches kept sliding all over the Alyeska ski area, both natural and man-made. Again, a warning to check the back country conditions before heading out into uncontrolled conditions. Some folks who attempted to snow machine in Turnagain Pass on Wednesday told me it was very messy, sloshy and hard to maneuver in. Check the CNFAIC for advisories. There are avalanche advisories with professional Forest Service employee observations and evaluations. 

If you are driving the Seward Highway, check Alaska 511 for status. Check the box to show the web cams and then click on the camera icons. This will bring up a current weather condition box, very handy.

If you are in Anchorage or are traveling to town from remote areas of the municipality, take your christmas tree in for recycling. See this Anchorage Daily News article for information.

Be safe and enjoy the day off!

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