Monday, January 14, 2013

A break from rain, for now, temperature still warm

Its verging on blah today, however, the absence of rain puts the enjoyability of the morning one step above. It is 35° in Girdwood at the T this morning. The snow is still slush and it is still dripping off the roof. The forecast is for the temperature to rise to 40 before plunging into the 20’s tomorrow. Even with the increased temperature, NOAA has cancelled the flood warning. Since there are so many microclimates created by the mountains and the ocean, we should all still be aware of the surprises that can occur outside where it is hard to make a blanket forecast.

Here is a photo of Max’s Mountain this afternoon. Alyeska snow safety was performing avalanche mitigation this morning which they do to induce slides to alleviate dangerous conditions for skiers. On the north side of Max’s, facing the resort, you can see evidence of a slide. Since mitigation usually starts before daylight, it is not known if this was caused by that, the warm air, or possibly the earthquake on Sunday. This is just to show that the snow and the environment is always “alive” and active even though we don’t see it as a “living being” such as us. Use caution in the back country this week, it has been a strange weather season.

Looking up Glacier Creek this evening. The water is flowing well and thankfully not flooding!

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