Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blue bird skies and birds active this bright day

This is the day here in Glacier City, blue skies, fresh snow, and decent cold air. There is about 4-6 inches of fresh powder, not wet snow any more! The temperature is 23° and the blue sky has lots of clouds floating through. The clouds at the lower elevations seem to be moving quickly to the south. 

I took a nice walk down to Glacier Creek near the Girdwood library and fire department. It was amazing how fast the temperature dropped on Tuesday freezing the water on the ground in nearly two hours. The fresh snow is on top of ice and in some places the water was running under the ice. As a result, when walking on the snow, footsteps sink and “whoomp” down because there is nothing under the thin layer of ice to hold me up. An interesting balancing act to keep the ankles from turning in or out. 

On the walk, I heard a raven talking to someone, in one of its many voices. This was not a voice I recognized. While looking for the raven I actually saw an eagle in a tree near the library. Quickly realizing the raven was probably talking to the eagle, sure enough, it was trying to convince the eagle to find a new resting place. The eagle, of course, was not fazed at all. It did, however, duck and squirm when the raven attempted to dive-bomb the larger bird. Luck of the draw capturing this move. 

Today I am using a new camera. I recently was given a Nikon CoolPix that is waterproof, shock proof, and cold hardy. It has a zoom function, but it would have been nice if I had the SLR for this chance meeting. Oh well, It is handy in its own respect. 

Also while out-and-about, I saw the small flock of LBBs in an intersection harvesting the fresh gravel that was spread on the road. There were other folks and dogs out so the little brown birds kept flittering back and forth into the trees. They are some type of sparrow, will be going back to see them again. There was also one larger brown bird with them, I have seen this one before and just cannot ID it in the books. It must be someone on the move before spring? 

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