Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nice fat flakes falling today

Snow, glorious snow! Snow is falling heavily in Glacier City today! And probably all around the Arm and Western Prince William Sound. Thank goodness, just in time to cover all the slush that froze within two hours yesterday when the temperature dropped in the morning. Currently, the temperature in Girdwood is 29° perfect for snow conditions and for it to continue all day. Nice fat flakes gracing Girdwood and the ski area today!

Its not easy to see in the photos, but the long range view shows that it is near white-out! Normally in any of these views, you would see mountains–how could you not, it is a valley after all! The tall photo is toward Max’s Mountain, I am barely two blocks away, and I cannot see it at all this morning. Very nice! 

Our local conspiracy of raven were checking out Alyeska Highway today. They were so low flying across the road we thought they were cats running across. Thank goodness they were not. 

Tonight's yoga class is at the Girdwood School, Yoga with Erin. There are classes throughout the week, not only yoga but all kinds of work-outs, art, and fun. Classes are for everyone, children to adults. View their classes at Four Valley Valleys Community School. Activities for those of us too far from Anchorage to try to drive in for some fun education.

Today's special dinner is the weekly burger at Jack Sprat on Olympic Mountain Loop. Every week chef prepares a different themed burger. Additionally, they grind their own beef for the burgers, a great deal and a fantastic burger. Jack Sprat's Menu

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