Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nice powdery snow layer with more to come

There has been a nice 4 inch layer of powder on the ground for two days now with a little sprinkling this afternoon. The temperature was around 23° all day in Girdwood and humidity was high. There is a winter storm warning, but as of 9:45 this evening, there is no heavy snow and no wind in Glacier Valley. I have high hopes for the morning because there is a heavy radar image right now.

The nordic trails in Girdwood were groomed yesterday and I took advantage of them this evening. Nice conditions even with the ice just 4 inches below, its hard to walk so skiing really is the best.

Here is a fine example of how nice the snow and trees look right not. The trees really light up under the lights on the walking path along Arlberg Ave.

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