Monday, November 19, 2012

A nice mix of everything

17° this morning and 95% relative humidity. This is looking toward town and Penguin, can’t see much at 9am. I can see it in the air, fog this morning. Cannot see any tops of nearby mountains. Seems like we will have the valley clouds today, I will be watching. Below is Penguin at 10am.

By 10 am there are a few breaks in the clouds. Penguin was getting a kiss on the face seen here from Moose Meadows. The temperature has dropped a couple degrees as some of the fog moves out. However there are still actually two layers of advection fog, horizontal layers, extending from the Turnagain along Penguin, and a lower layer down low in the valley. This lower one is still heavy over Moose Meadows and the Resort, hope it does stick around until Wednesday so we do not get a crunchy layer on top of snow for skiers. 

In case you have not seen it before, here is a shot of snow making near the magic carpet at the daylodge. Snow piles up great around the cannons, but what is even more interesting is the bits that float in the air. At night the man made precipitation is mystical. 

Turnagain seems to be clearing a little after 10 am seen here with a nice glow on the mountains near Hope.

For those out of town that enjoy Jack Sprat, they have a guest chef on Tuesdays making sushi! Delicious. 

Below is Max's at 10:30, temperature 17°

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