Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 6 of frost and no significant snow. We do not have the large wafer frost crystals yet, but everything is covered with alligator teeth frost. 

Snow making continues on the mountain which works well considering its 14° and clear skies out. Be ready for a fast ride today!

Yesterday I went to town late in the day and the road was perfect. We even saw some sheep down low on the mountains, including one big ram. The ice is really building up on the rock faces and the waterfall pull out was gorgeous. A few of the ice falls closer to Girdwood have developed what look like ice bubbles but they are solid. Really neat pattern. On the way home at about 7:30 the road was still nice and clear. That has been one great benefit of the lack of snow.

Ever since the iphone came out, people have been relying on the weather app to tell them what is going on here in Girdwood. That app is NOT ACCURATE!!!!! For instance, today someone said the app told them it was -7° here when it was actually +10°. I have yet to investigate where the forecast comes from but do not rely in it. Please check the CNFAIC site, or Alyeska’s Snow Report. These weather stations are actually in Girdwood!!! Above is looking out from the Daylodge. Now the windchill is probably negative temps, but folks are still skiing.

There was a big accident at mile 87 of the Seward HIghway this afternoon. It may be beautiful weather out there folks, but please still be aware and careful of ice in the shadows and people stopped to take photos. Look at Alaska 511 before you leave and check the Anchorage Daily News for the latest, they usually get at least a line in about an accident even before the full report is done. 

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