Sunday, November 18, 2012

Are we the luckiest snow valley in skidom right now? Last night on my last look at the weather forecast, the prediction was for clear skies today. It snowed most of the night and it is still snowing this morning. All the tire tracks are covered in our driveway, I am going to estimate about 4 inches of new snow. The temperature is 20° and the snow cannons are going on the mountain. Looks like it will be a great opening day for Alyeska. Above is Penguin at 9am. You can see its snowing enough that I can barely see across the valley.

Had to make a short drive this morning, the snow is feeling the consistency we like for skiing, the dampness is going away. Here is Max’s.

I have heard from other locals that they had been cross-country skiing for several weeks now. This morning I saw some on the bike path near Moose Meadows. The muni has been grading the path from Arlberg to town along Alyeska Highway infrequently, but enough to make it not a regular ski path. The times I have walked from Alyeska Highway to the Resort, the trail has not been cleared. That and the fresh snow made a nice run for these folks today.

For the best trails, look into the Girdwood Nordic Ski Club. This is an aggressive organization developing, maintaining, and working to keep safe and clean nordic trails in the community. Please consider joining to help cover the equipment and volunteer efforts. 

By 11am, the sky is starting to clear, temperature is 22° and road graders are out all over. My amateur weather station is located 20 yards from the T in Girdwood. You will find that temperature varies through town and may see different temperatures listed on the Resort’s website, the CNFAIC, and area web/weather stations.

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