Thursday, November 22, 2012

It was a strangely foggy day today. It was hard to tell if the snow falling was natural or combining with the mountain snow production to create our own little vortex of snow on the south side of Girdwood. Since the snow making machines have been going so long, they may be creating their own ecosystem. Above is a view of Max’s. If you concentrate you can see the sun lighting up the snow on top. 

I hope everyone had a bountiful and hearty Thanksgiving. There were not many skiers out today, I don’t blame them, I am waiting for more fluff. Sticking to the nordic trails for now. Here is a look down Alyeska Highway from the T, you can see what I mean about the questionable snow - fog. Again, if you look carefully, you can see the sun shining on the top of Penguin Ridge in the center right.

Here is another photo by my husband and his Blackberry, amazing view. You can see how frustrating it can be sitting under the fog when I know this is the scene above. This is some serious flight seeing weather! Those visiting should forget shopping tomorrow and take a helicopter ride. 

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