Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Clear skies but sugary snow

Though it was so cold my face chapped on the quarter mile walk to work this morning, it was not too cold for die-hard skiers. These folks have been calling the resort for weeks to be sure the mountain would open on the day they advertised. And open it did. 

The opening was not the grandest however. The natural snow is rather thin, Girdwood has only received 34” thus far. As a result, there was limited access on the mountain. What snow there is, be advised snow lovers, the snow is sugar these days. 

We received an ever so slight dusting of snow last night, that is why I have posted the photo above. These clouds appeared last evening and were a bit of a surprise. The forecast then, as it is now, is for clear skies for at least 4 more days. Above is a photo looking of Max’s shoulder from the Daylodge parking lot.

Here is a spectacular photo from the upper tram taken by my husband with his Blackberry. Yes, a Blackberry. This is the kind of photo he taunts his family with: “Look, this is where we live!”

Speaking of the cold today, it was 7° at 9 a.m. I overheard some folks say it was 0 during the day but that I cannot confirm. At 7 p.m. after our community Thanksgiving dinner, it was again 7°. Many thanks go to the community for hosting a warm dinner where we can come together and provide a welcoming place to those new to the area or unable to provide their own dinner (we should do this once a month!) 

The larger than half-moon was glowing bright as were the mountain lights tonight. The snow making will continue until we get a big load from the sky. 

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