Monday, January 7, 2013

A little cooler air and more snow in Girdwood

It is a few degrees cooler in Girdwood this morning, 33, and snow is sticking at sea level. There is avalanche mitigation at the resort and on the Seward hiway, check Alaska 511 for delay locations.

Here is our view today, it was very white most of the day. You can see the snow line has come down a bit, its about 400 feet! Yea! The cool air is settling back in. There was snow off and on today, the best news is there was no rain. The roads, however, are still wet and slushy. I did hear from folks that came in from Anchorage that there were delays of up to 45 minutes on the highway due to avalanche control. 

Something that has been fun about the weather warming up is seeing birds again. Magpies have been all around the house, investigating one tree after another. I have also see a pair of Steller Jays recently. One day last week a flock of some small birds flew overhead from a tall tree near the T in Girdwood. I know they have been finding food, not only do the stash nuts and seeds in tree bark, but I heard that a mosquito was seen near the park this past weekend. Thank goodness some more freezing weather is coming!

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