Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Real good snow in Girdwood Tuesday, finally!

Yipee! Winter has returned to Glacier City! It has been snowing in Girdwood since around 4am, and it looks like about 3-4 inches at the T and the base. Alyeska reports less on their snow report, not sure why, there is definitely more on the ground at houses nearby. The snow is the best, its falling slow so it is not wet and heavy anymore. Visibility is probably not great on the Seward Hiway, but at least its not wet! The temperature in Girdwood has dropped to 29° and is forecasted to fall further tonight ensuring the snow will stay!  There is a bit of a wind shaking snow off the trees !occasionally.

You can see from these photos looking toward downtown Girdwood (above) and Max's Mountain (below) it is snowing quite thick! This and the views from Alaska 511 weather cams show some heavy snow with low visibility.

Great bird observations, further appreciating the warmer weather for that aspect. I have seen quite a few chickadees poking around tree trunks. So nice to see other life about besides humans (and dogs). My husband has been observing an eagle in old Girdwood. 

I am looking forward to checking on the quality of Moose Meadows today. It has been too soon for the Girdwood Nordic Ski club to groom the trails, check their site later for updates. 

Moose Meadows was coated with light fluffy snow and the scene was gorgeous gracing us with a sunset as seen below. It will be a few days before the Nordic Club can groom since the snow is on ice in most places but in many other locations there are slushy pot holes. A few determined folks took on the loop, and we had a wonderful time! 

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