Saturday, January 12, 2013

More overcast days, sloshy grounds in the Glacier Valley

Wet, sloshy snow is here today. Not quite rain, at least not at the base of the ski resort. There was rain right on the coast. None of it stopped the skiers and riders from taking advantage of the weekend. The temperature at the T in Girdwood remained at 33° all day. The photo above shows how much it was snowing, there was difficult visibility at the top of the mountain. The Daylodge was dripping wet inside, puddles everywhere. 

Walking around outside was a challenge, there is not ice on the surfaces, just slush, so whether you are wearing cleats or not doesn’t make a big difference. The snow is sloshy and stepping in the slosh is almost like hydroplaning. Walk diligently not quickly. 

The precipitation has remained all day into night and the temperature remains the same. With this new round of overcast days, if you have indoor plants, be sure they are very close to the window for maximum lighting. If that is not possible, keep them under a light for 5-6 hours. A grow light or blue light is best, but flourescent will work, even incandescent. Any light is good for your indoor house plant. If it is not receiving enough light leaves will yellow, or be very pale green and weak. However, house plants will also be shedding leaves at this time in preparation for growing new leaves this spring. A dried leaf from a lower part of the plant that falls off may be normal. Remember, most importantly, not to over water with low light, this will suffocate the roots and that is not good!

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