Friday, January 11, 2013

Tropical warmth heading our way

As we woke this morning, we could hear the sound of warm air. What does that sound like? Blobs of snow falling off the trees onto the house roof. The warm air approaches, it is 33° this morning. The air is calm at least the heat is not surging yet, unlike the predictions of rising flood waters as snow melts this weekend. Check the NOAA forecast for south central, the flood warning is in red. 

There is a very grey sky over Glacier Valley today, and these clouds, they are not the kind you want to see in a ski town, in January. Those are tropically influenced clouds, our second round of pine apple express for the season. These photos are from Moose Meadows in Girdwood. In addition to the clouds rolling in, the air is quite humid. The snow is warm and sticky, thus requiring wax even on wax-less nordic skis. A nice evening none-the-less since the temperature was pleasant for being outside. 

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