Friday, January 11, 2013

Beautiful picture perfect winter day

This morning Girdwood residents woke up to a little over an inch of fresh snow. There was some blue sky too showing off the tops of the surrounding mountains and their fresh ultra white snow. It was 29° in the valley with no wind. We had a beautiful drive into Anchorage, and surprise of surprises, it was cloudy in the big city. Very odd, it is always the other way around. 

There seemed to be several layers of temperature gradients, as we turned out onto the Seward Highway, there were layers of clouds to the south near the Hope nook. Very lovely light shining through. 

On the way back to Girdwood at 9pm, the temperature went up near Bird to 36° and there was a stiff wind making it strenuous to keep a car in line with the highway. Thankfully, the temperature is still below freezing in the Glacier Valley and there has been no wind to knock the snow off the trees. Will be enjoying it to its fullest as the weather forecast is for warm air and rain to return Saturday night.

The poor top of the mountain has the one safety flood light on, Seven Glaciers is quiet and lonely until the Tram is repaired. 

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